March 21th, 2003 U.S. Cities 1991 U.N. Cease-Fire Resolution as the Legal Basis for Its Invasion


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The official reason for declaring war against Iraq is because it broke the resolution adopted after the 1991 Persian Gulf War. Iraq could not have a “regime change.” Negroponte wrote “Iraq had repeatedly refused to respond to diplomatic overtures, economic sanctions and other peaceful means designed to bring about compliance with its obligation to disarm and allow inspections of its weapons programs.” He also wrote that military action was necessary to defend the U.S. and the world from the threat by Iraq and “to restore international peace and security in the area.”

There were too many technical words, so I couldn’t understand the article fully, but it seems like United States gave a lot of chances to Iraq before it declared a war. I don’t get why Iraqi leaders didn’t agree to the peace talks. U.S. is much more powerful than Iraq, so the defeat of Iraq is obvious.

I feel like the article is overreacting on some parts. It said that Iraq was a threat, so U.S. had to defend itself and the world from it. I didn’t even know about Iraq before the war. I don’t think Iraq would have been a great threat to the world. The Iraqi leaders would have been a threat to the common people of Iraq, but I don’t think it would have affected other foreign people.

Negroponte promised “to take all reasonable precautions to avoid civilian casualties.” The war seems to be started for a good cause, but the good cause may lead to bad outcome. I hope that doesn’t happen, and one way to prevent that is to protect the civilians. They should not be punished in any way just because of their race. They have nothing to do with the leader’s choices. They are just common people who have rights to enjoy their freedom and feel safe.




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