April 9th, 2003 Saddam statue topples with regime

saddamdown1234Today in Baghdad, the heart of the Iraqi capital, there was a scene that will be remembered by people around the world. In the main square, Iraqi men tried to pull down the statue of Saddam Hussein in “an unprecedented show of contempt for the Iraqi leader.”

It was too hard for the men to pull it down by themselves, so the US troops joined and helped by using an armored vehicle. Before pulling it down, a US soldier climbed up with a US flag and draped the face. The crowd was outraged because it seemed as “a step too far towards American triumphalism,” so the flag was removed and was replaced by the old Iraqi flag.

The US Central Command spokesman said that, “with every day that passes, we are breaking the grip of the rsaddam-statue-190308_20527segime.”

I feel bad for Saddam who is currently hiding somewhere. I wouldn’t want to see a statue of mine being pulled down by my people. It seems like US soldiers and Iraqi people are bonding together against Saddam. I would feel horrible if a foreign troop pulls down a George Washington statue, but since Iraqi people were pulling the statue themselves at first, I think there is nothing to criticize about it except for the flag.

When I read about a US soldier putting up a US flag, I thought it was controversial. When the troops entered, they removed the flags on the guns because they were here as a “liberator,” but what is up with putting up the flag? I would have been outraged like the most of the Iraqi crowd who were watching the scene.

I think this happening was very symbolic. I hope we find Saddam quickly and bring him down like the statue. I also hope that US army and Iraqi people work together until the end. It seems like the relationship between them is nice and trustful.



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