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May 29th, 2003 Papers consider missing Iraq weapons

wmd_hardwareI was shocked by this article today. It said that there might be no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. I thought Americans went there for this single mission: to destroy the weapons and capture Saddam. We haven’t even found Saddam yet, and if there is no weapon existing, that’s waste of time and money.

The article said that “Saddam Hussein’s regime may have destroyed its weapons of mass destruction before the US-led invasion of Iraq.” It contrasts what the President Bush said and the US defense secretary said. They said that they know for sure that it exists.475_ap_saddam_061228

Daily Mail asked the prime minister: “No Saddam, no weapons, murderous anarchy in Baghdad- well, what WAS it all for?” That’s the exact question I want to ask. I was curious if all that amount of oil in Iraq had something to do with this war, but I wanted to trust President Bush. If it was just for oil, then that makes America too selfish.

I feel ashamed as an American now. I thought we would quickly help Iraqi people and get out, so that they can have their own free democratic country. The war has been going on for about two months now. People will get wary if the war doesn’t stop.

If there is really no weapon at all, we should concentrate on just finding Saddam, or we could just leave. I don’t think Saddam will once again try to gain power. I think he already faced the consequences of his actions now. He knows that America will attack and track him down again if he becomes a dictator.


May 15th, 2003 US accused of failing to protect mass grave


The US military is being accused of “failing to protect and properly excavate the largest mass grave discovered in Iraq.” The grave had about 3,000 bodies. Villagers were able to recognize the bodies because there were plastic bags with clothing and broken bones in them across the site.

The villagers were all helping each other to unearth the bodies and recognize them, but Lieutenant General James Conway and his unit didn’t help them at all even though they were at the site. He said, “our feeling is that you would rather do this yourself.”

Lieutenant Conway is crazy. If he felt like Iraqi people would rather clean up Saddam’s mass, then why did Americans even come to Iraq at first? Americans were there to help. Mr. Bouckaert had the same response in the article. “Why was there all this talk about the crimes of the regimen of Saddam Hussein if the effort is not being made to identify the remains and establish the evidence of these brutal crimes?”

There are more than 200,000 Iraqis have gone missing since the Ba’ath party came to power. The party became dominant after 1968. Saddam and his party killed so many people in a short period of time. I didn’t know how cruel he was until I found out how many were killed and were missing. It’s like a communist government I’ve read about in history textbooks. I’m so glad that US is able to help even though US have a lot of faults in the process.