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July 23rd, 2003 The Death of Saddam’s Sons

RealSaddamR_800x530Saddam’s sons were killed yesterday in a gun battle. The deaths of his most feared lieutenants “represent the biggest coup for coalition forces since the fall of Baghdad more than three months ago.” It’s a hopeful turning point. Iraq analyst said that “their deaths could sap the morale of guerilla groups fighting for the restoration of the Hussein dynasty.”

People are celebrating, and they are making a big deal out of their deaths, but I don’t really get it. It’s not like we killed Saddam himself. We just killed his sons. I don’t think they had to die. They weren’t really involved directly in anything, but I can kind of understand that, but a teenage boy was also killed yesterday in the battle just because he was Qusay’s son. Who care if he was his son? He was only fourteen. He didn’t know anything. I feel like we are killing innocent people just because they were involved in it.

The article also saisaddam sond that several Iraqi civilians were wounded and died. I feel sympathetic toward them. My grandmother lost a lot of her friends and relatives during Korean War even though they weren’t involved in the government at all. She still doesn’t like to talk about it. The families of the dead civilians will forever grieve about it.

Innocent people shouldn’t be killed even though it’s a really hard thing to do during war times. Even Americans succeed its goals, people will not rejoice if so many people had to pay for it.