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September 25th, 2003 No WMD Found In Iraq

sept. 25 2sept. 25There was a report saying that there was no illegal arms have yet been found. David Kay said that “it is not expected to reach any conclusions about Iraq’s alleged weapons program.” There were no disclosed discoveries that would prove that weapons of mass destruction were ready to use before the war.

There were contrasting opinions about WMD made by President Bush and Powell. President Bush said that, “Saddam Hussein cultivated ties to terror while he built weapons of mass destruction,” but his opponent Democrat Powell said that, “He has not developed any significant capability with respect to weapons of mass destruction. He is unable to project conventional power against his neighbors.”

Who is telling the truth? Why Americans fighting each other? I feel like we should already have found WMD. It’s been four months since the war started. I don’t think we’re making any progress. I don’t even know what exactly WMD is. I always just thought of it as a great threat to Iraqi people, and we were just trying to help, but as I read more articles about it, I feel like it’s just an excuse for President Bush to attack Iraq.

I’m on more Powell’s side than President Bush’s. President Bush is losing my trust as the war goes on and on. I bet he is losing a lot of support from America and Iraq. There better be WMD or else President Bush will be hated by many people.