October 14, 2003 U.S. Tries Again On Iraq At U.N.

There was a new U.S. draft resolution giving Iraq’s US-appointed Governing Council “to develop a timetable for elections and a new constitution until December 15.” The draft seeks international troops and money to help the US-led effort to rebuild Iraq. According to the draft, “the Governing Council must submit to the Security Council “a timetable and a program for the drafting of a new constitution for Iraq and for the holding of democratic elections under the constitution”.”

The new draft reflected the discussions among United States, the UK, Spain, and others. What are those countries thinking? Where is the most important country of all in that little discussion group? Where is Iraq? Those countries had nothing to do with Iraq before the war, and they will have nothing to do with it in the future. I think there is a little possibility that they will only think about Iraq’s benefits.

I don’t think the draft is fair also. It’s good that America is trying to help, but I think US and the UN are too much involved in the formation of government in Iraq. America made its own constitution, and we never had to get it checked by any other country. That idea would outrage thousands. It’s just crazy. Then why does Iraq have to do that? I would be ashamed if I was an Iraqi.

It’s good that there is some progress though. U.S. is actually trying to get out of Iraq by helping Iraq form its own government. U.S. should quickly help Iraq to form a stable democratic country and move out. There is too much time and money being spent on the war. I remember the speech made by President Bush in the beginning of the war. He said that the war will go on as long as it has to be. It’s been about seven months. How long does the war haveoct. 13 to go on?

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