October 27th, 2003 Violence Scars Ramadan

oct. 27 2oct. 27Ramadan is a very important holy month for Muslims around the world. They believe that their Prophet Muhammad revealed the holy book, Quran, about 14,000 years ago during Ramadan. Muslims fast during this month. They don’t eat or drink anything when the sun is up, but they all feast together when the sun goes down.

This holy act is facing challenges because of the war. Because of the weak currency and a bread crisis, a lot of Muslims are being forced to give up some cooked food because of high prices. An Iraqi said that, “prices of all kinds of nuts and dried apricots have doubled compared to last year. Most people I know are replacing apricots with oranges to make juice for their children.” This crisis is affecting many people in Iraq. The sellers who used to sell Ramadan food have fewer customers, and people have no luxury to celebrate Ramadan.

Ramadan eve was even overshadowed by a rocket attack that killed a few people, and there are still suicide bombings happening all around the country.

I am a faithful Christian, and I always can’t wait for Christmas to come every year. I think it’s same for all believers of various religions. Ramadan is like Christmas to Muslims. They get excited when the time gets near, and they can’t wait for it. I would be very disappointed if I can’t celebrate Christmas but instead have to just listen to bomb sounds and hear how many more people died.

U.S. needs to do something about Iraq’s economy. The situation is becoming worse after the war, and U.S. has to take a lot or responsibility for that result. They should provide the civilians with more money and more jobs.




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