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December 15th, 2003 Saddam Hussein Finally Arrested

dec. 15 2dec. 15Saddam Hussein was hiding “in a narrow hole, between 6ft and 8ft deep, beneath a two-rrom shack in the tiny village of Ad Dawr, south of Tikrit.” When he was caught, he surrendered without a fight. The senior US commander in Iraq said, “he was a tired man, resigned to his fate.”

The solider said that where Saddam Hussein was hiding was more like a garage that smells really bad. He was hiding in his cook’s house. His cook was a very trustworthy person to Saddam, and he became rich with Saddam’s help. His cook and his brother Ala were both arrested for hiding Saddam.

The US soldiers were able to find him because one of the dictator’s families provided the key information. He said, “there was a Kurdish presence in Tikrit, around 50 peshmerga. They seemed to have assisted in operational matters and in intelligence gathering.”

I thought the most interesting thing in this article was the comment made by a neighbor, who was living near where Saddam was hiding. He said, “none of us knew Saddam was in there and none of us would have told anyone anyway. None of us support the Americans. They came to occupy Iraq. They said they came to liberate, but then we found Saddam was more honest than they are.”

I knew that this was going to happen! Americans lost their trust from Iraqi people. The war went on for too long without any progress. I bet a lot of Iraqi people feel same way as the neighbor. It seems like America helped Saddam gain more support from his people when we were supposed to bring down Saddam together.

I hope the war ends peacefully without any big riots of the Iraqi people. It’s good that Saddam is finally arrested. U.S. is now able to get out of Iraq soon since our ultimate goal is accomplished. It took longer than I thought to capture just one person, but I’m glad that we finally succeeded.